World Refugee Day 2017



WORLD REFUGEE DAY is celebrated worldwide on 20 June to recognise the courage of refugees in rebuilding their lives despite the horrors they have faced, and to create awareness and garner public support for creating a humanitarian space for refugees.

This year, World Refugee Day will be commemorated in Malaysia through a unique event to connect corporate and private sector support directly to refugee projects. This is the first time that such an event has been held.


There are currently dozens of welfare assistance and empowerment programmes run by NGOs aimed at providing welfare assistance and support to refugee communities and strengthening the communities’ ability to be self-reliant and independent.

At the same time, UNHCR has observed a positive increase in the interest among private sector and private individuals to provide financial and in-kind support to projects aimed at strengthening refugee communities while they are in Malaysia.

The World Refugee Day “Marketplace” event aims to create a physical platform to bring together potential private sector donors and NGOs/groups running projects for refugees, in an interactive atmosphere where NGOs can meet and speak to potential donors, and “pitch” their proposals for funding needs in areas of health, education, livelihoods, and protection.

Objectives of the event:

v  Provide an opportunity for potential donors from the private sector and private individuals looking to support refugee initiatives run by NGOs, to interact directly with these projects and understand areas of possible support.

v  Strengthen the ability of NGOs and refugee communities to be self-sustaining from being networked directly with a wide array of potential private sector and private individual donors.

v  Create a community of public supporters of programmes in aid of refugees, in order to strengthen the sustainability of NGO and refugee-run projects.


Date       :       Saturday, 8 July 2017

Time       :       Open from 10.30am – 4.00pm
                       (walk-in throughout the day is welcomed)

Venue    :       Makespace @ Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
                      (Near main entrance of mall, beside H&M outlet)


Marketplace to Meet NGOs

  • The ‘Marketplace’ aims to create a space for rich networking between private sector and private individuals who are keen to find ways to help refugees, and the NGOs who are currently providing assistance and support to refugees.

The event will allow you to:

  • Meet and network with a wide variety of NGOs who are supporting refugees in areas such as health, education, livelihoods, child protection, sexual and gender-based violence, and community development.
  • Have an opportunity to see and learn about all the good work being done to help refugees, and speak to these NGOs on where are the areas of need.
  • Have a good database of NGOs and work being done for refugees, so that you are better able to plan your CSR or charity activities and where you can donate to.

The relationship and networks developed between you and the NGOs you meet will be managed by both parties directly.


Refugee Artisan Bazaar

  • In addition to the ‘Marketplace’, UNHCR will also set up an artisans’ bazaar, for you to be able to meet refugees directly and support the refugee artisans who produce arts and crafts works, and food items. These items will be sold by the refugee artisans, and 100% profit will be given directly to these refugees to support their livelihoods.
  • Many of these artisans are able to produce craft items on commission for corporate gifts or food items for catering. This may be of use to you and the needs of your company.



NGOs: UNHCR has invited a few dozen NGOs who work closely with us, representing between 50 - 60 different kinds of refugee assistance projects. The areas in which they work are:

  • Refugee health programmes
  • Refugee education programmes
  • Programmes on livelihoods, skills-building, and building capacity of refugees
  • Programmes on refugee children rights and child protection
  • Programmes on Sexual and gender-based violence

UNHCR teams

  • UNHCR Volunteer section: You can speak to our Volunteer section on how you or your staff can volunteer your time at refugee project sites or support the work at the UNHCR office itself.
  • UNHCR Fundraisers: You can meet UNHCR’s fundraisers who are involved in programme on monthly giving in aid of refugee programmes in education, health, and livelihoods.
  • UNHCR key staff in all our thematic areas: Should you have questions for UNHCR about our work, our staff in each of the key thematic areas will also be present to answer questions or explain our protection work to you. 

Refugee artisans

  • Refugee bazaar: Several dozens refugee artisans have been invited to set up a booth at the ‘Marketplace’ where you will be able to directly support them through purchases of their artisanal craft products or traditional food items.
  • 100% proceeds from sales will go directly to the refugee artisans or refugee project.



This event is perfect for you if you:

  • Are concerned about the welfare of refugees
  • Wish to meet a wide array of NGOs and learn about the many programmes they run on helping refugees
  • Wish to see specific examples of how you can help make a difference in refugees’ lives
  • Are interested in meeting and speaking with NGOs and UNHCR for networking purposes, with a view of helping refugees
  • Would like to attend a refugee bazaar and provide direct support to refugees.

This includes:

  • Individuals/groups of friends
  • Private companies, including those with or without CSR programmes or just interested in understanding how you can help
  • Civil society groups
  • Social societies/groups
  • International and private schools who run charity programmes in aid of those in need
  • Expat Associations
  • Volunteers
  • And anyone concerned with the welfare of refugees, and wishing to help


Alia Surayya
UNHCR Public Information and Fundraising Associate


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