The Malaysian Government is not party to the international conventions which recognize and protect refugees (1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees). This means that while you are in Malaysia you will not be recognized as a legal resident in the country.

If you are Stopped / Arrested by the Police:

  • You should calmly cooperate with the police and find out the reason for your arrest;
  • Show the police your UNHCR document/UNHCR reference number and tell the police to call UNHCR Hotline number 012-6305060 to verify;
  • Memorize UNHCR Hotline number and if possible, your individual number;
  • Alert UNHCR, friends or family As soon as possible and provide UNHCR Reference Number, place of arrest, which police station and contact of Investigating Officer (if possible).

When you are brought to the Magistrates Court:

  • Inform UNHCR you are being charged in court. Ask magistrate for permission to contact UNHCR, family/friend.
  • Ask for interpreter if you don’t understand Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Inform magistrate you are person of concern to UNHCR.
  • Do not plead guilty if charged under s.6(1)(c) Immigration Act (“Kes Kosong”).
  • Do not nod or shake your head under any circumstances-if you don’t understand what is being said ask for an interpreter by saying “UNHCR”. Repeat if need to.

PLEASE CONTACT for urgent assistance

*Please refer to UNHCR Detention Booklet for further information with UNHCR.

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