Durable Solutions

Once you are recognized as a refugee, you will receive a refugee card in substitution of your Asylum-Seeker certificate and UNHCR will try to identify a durable solution. UNHCR recognizes three durable solutions for refugees: voluntary repatriation, local integration, and resettlement.

Voluntary Repatriation is when a refugee can safely and willingly decides to return to his/her country of origin. UNHCR may be able to assist you to return home if you choose.

Local Integration is when a refugee is permitted by the country of asylum to legally reside within their country and is able to enjoy equally most of the rights of a citizen and is under the protection of the asylum country.

Resettlement is when a refugee leaves the country of asylum and legally settles in another country that has agreed to admit him/her as a refugee and to grant him/her a permanent status in their country. Resettlement is not a right. UNHCR has no legal obligation to submit you for resettlement. If you qualify for resettlement, UNHCR will contact you to provide resettlement counselling and assess your case further. It is important to note that not all refugees qualify for resettlement and not all refugees will be contacted by UNHCR for further assessment.

Download Information about Resettlement here.

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