How do I register with UNHCR?

Registration is the first step you have to undertake to seek international protection with UNHCR.

Registration involves recording your personal bio-data, travel route, reason for seeking asylum as well as capturing your photo and finger prints for identification purposes. 

There are two distinct registration procedures for non-Myanmar and Myanmar applicants.

Non-Myanmar Applicants: 

In order to obtain an appointment for registration with UNHCR, you are requested to be present in the Office on Wednesdays at 12.00 pm (except on Public Holidays). Please note that no priority will be given for persons coming earlier than the stated time. Any changes in policy will be notified at the notice board outside the office.

Myanmar Applicants:

Given the high number of applicants in the queue who have been previously scheduled for Registration by the Office, any new registration exercise that will be taking place in the future will be communicated and coordinated closely with the refugee communities.

What should I bring with me the day of registration?

  • Please bring all documents relevant to your case i.e. passports, identity papers, marriage certificate, birth certificate, family census or National ID etc. on your appointment date;
  • Please bring any UNHCR issued document e.g. appointment card, referral letter on your appointment date;
  • Please bring a detailed written statement, in the language of your choice, of how and why you left your country of origin.

Remember that:

  • All persons seeking asylum (including family members and/or any other dependants) should be present at the Office for registration;
  • It is important that you provide correct and complete information when registering. Incomplete or incorrect information may be detrimental to your case.
  • Each person registered will have a file number and all further communication with the Office must indicate the file number;
  • You may need to spend a full day at the Office. Please be patient.
  • Once registered with UNHCR you will be issued with an Asylum-Seeker certificate which will expire on the day of your next interview. You will also be given an appointment slip for your interview.

Family Inclusion

  • You may add family members to your case;
  • If you are already registered with the Office and waiting for your RSD appointment, you can bring along during the RSD interview your family members who have not been registered yet;
  • If you are a recognised refugee, you may write a letter to the Office requesting for family inclusion either by mailing to us, faxing 603 2141 1780 or e-mail at

For any further information about registration procedures, please contact us at the addresses provided here.

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