Project Self HELP for Refugee Youths

Calling Refugee Youths! Want to Learn New Skills?

A free, quality education at one of Malaysia’s leading universities is now on offer to young refugees through a unique programme called Project Self HELP.

Refugee youths aged 15 - 24 can apply to attend courses English, Culinary Arts, IT, and Hairdressing, offered by HELP University in Kuala Lumpur.
Courses are offered in Culinary Arts, Hairdressing, Information and Communication Technology, Multimedia and English.  Students have access to excellent teachers, facilities and resources throughout the programme, with classes held at HELP campuses in Fraser Business Park by some of the university’s experienced lecturers. 

As well as improving English competency and gaining new practical skills, students have the opportunity to build self-confidence, networks and resilience through the programme.

Launched in November 2011, Project Self HELP will run over several years with an initial group of 5000 students.

Studying at HELP is not a substitute for attending Community Learning Centers, but an alternative for students who have more or less finished their education in learning centres want to learn useful skills for their future.


     1. Age between 15-24
     2. Must hold UNHCR ID card or UNHCR letter
     3. Completed application form (*attached) submitted via e-mail/mail/ fax

            UNHCR Education/Youth
            P.O. Box: 10185, 50706 Kuala Lumpur
            E-mail:    Fax: (03) 2141-1780

For more info, please check the website:
Download application form here.

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