Resource Mobilisation
Resource Mobilisation
UNHCR is almost entirely funded by direct, voluntary contributions - the bulk of it from donor nations. We get important contributions from non-governmental organizations (NGO) and the private sector, including corporations, trusts, foundations and individual citizens. There is also a small annual subsidy from the regular budget of the United Nations, which is used for administrative costs.

This means that UNHCR must compete with other humanitarian agencies, including UN sister organizations, for a limited amount of humanitarian funding. The situation has become tougher with the onset of the global economic crisis, with prices rising and both government and corporate donors tightly controlling limited aid budgets.

In Malaysia, the Resource Mobilisation refers to securing the support of the private sector and members of the public in terms of generating financial and in-kind support for refugee programmes. Support from the public has taken the form of financial contributions directly to refugee projects or individual cases, financial assistance towards vulnerable cases, assistance towards health emergencies, donations both in cash and in kind towards awareness-raising activities and in the form of volunteers.

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At our headquarters in Geneva, the Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization service liaises closely with governments to raise funds and to keep these key stakeholders informed about needs and about how their money is being used. The Private Sector Fund-Raising unit plays a similar role, interfacing with NGOs, trusts, foundations and private donors. It raised almost US$50 million in 2008.

Donations are sought every year for UNHCR's Annual Programme Budget, which includes programmes that support regular operations. But the agency also launches supplementary appeals throughout the year, seeking extra donations for new emergencies that cannot be forecast.

While funding requirements for UNHCR programmes can grow during the year, the refugee agency's Global Needs Assessment programme is aimed at comprehensively determining the funding required to cover all needs.

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