Notices of Tender/Sales

Notices of Tender/Sales

The Safe From the Start project is a collaborative effort between the Sexual and Gender Based Violence Unit and the Livelihoods Unit of UNHCR Malaysia with the aim of developing a prevention and response strategy for incidences of SGBV within the refugee community.

The Livelihoods component of the project focuses on strengthening the capacity of refugee women groups to generate a sustainable income through their involvement in artisanal activities.

The Livelihoods Unit will be working with 8 women groups of various cultural backgrounds, who will require differing forms of assistance.

Women groups with an established product line will receive business development assistance, whilst work with other groups will be targeted towards building their capacity and group cohesion.

The Livelihoods Unit is looking for 3 dedicated partners interested in this initiative: 2 is to work in KL, while another will be working with groups in Ipoh.

TOR Women Empowerment Project Klang Valley
-- Link to download: UNHCR RFP – Women Empowerment Project 2  011-06
-- Link to download: Annex C UNHCR Financial Offer Form 011-06

TOR Rohingya Women Empowerment Ipoh
-- Link to download: UNHCR RFP – Rohingya Women Empowerment Project Ipoh 010-06

-- Link to download: Annex C UNHCR Financial Offer Form 010-06

     TOR Refugee Artisan programming
-- Link to download: UNHCR RFP – Refugees Artisanal Programme 009-06

-- Link to download: Annex C UNHCR Financial Offer Form 009-06

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