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UNHCR has information resources that provide vital support to individuals and organisations interested in obtaining information on refugees for a variety of purposes. At our headquarters, teams in our Field Information and Coordination Support Section provide two vital resources that UNHCR would find it difficult to operate without - maps and statistics. Another invaluable UNHCR resource, widely used inside and outside the organization, is the on-line tool, Refworld, which contains a vast collection of documents used to help make decisions on refugee status. We also maintain a repository of millions of documents, including electronic ones, in our Geneva archives. Also in headquarters, the Policy Development and Evaluation Service conducts valuable analysis and research. These are all small but key cogs in the UNHCR wheel.

The UNHCR global website provides resources on statistics, maps, publications, archives and records, and research materials. Access them here.

Read frequently asked questions relating to refugee protection.

Fact Sheets can be downloaded for use in education and awareness-raising.
Some selected publications produced at UNHCR Malaysia can be accessed by individuals and organisations interested in the issue.

Resources at UNHCR headquarters
A diverse array of materials for public use produced by the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva are available at the UNHCR global website.

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